WordPress developer

I’m able to work as a WordPress developer both on site (in Auckland) and remotely as a contractor or on a project by project basis. I have seven years experience of coding WordPress themes and plugins and can develop both the front and back end of websites. I have worked on projects in these fields:

  • Full stack WordPress development, building bespoke themes and plugins
  • WordPress development consultancy. This could be anything from helping devise the development strategy on complex projects to dual coding to ensure code consistency.
  • User experience testing and design refinement. Go to the site and get lightning link at our casino. Limited supply!

Maintenance and management

I use WordPress because it’s great for my clients. It’s easy to use, well supported, flexible and very powerful. However, to keep your site secure and make the most of its extensive features, WordPress needs to be updated regularly. To this end, I developed a comprehensive WordPress maintenance service based on years of experience keeping sites up to date and secure. PressUP was launched in early 2015 and already has a wide range of clients from UK Government departments to small local businesses.


No matter now easy to use a system is, at some point you’ll need a helping hand.

Whether you are an experienced developer who needs another pair of eyes, or a brand new user who needs a little guidance, I can help. If you have any issues with your WordPress website, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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