New site: Adding agility to Cyclocross

Having recently launched my cycling communications business, Following the Wheel, I was really excited when Jim Cameron asked me to build a website for the Superquaich Cyclocross Series and bring together two pretty distinct parts of my life.


This was my first build project since moving to New Zealand so I was a little nervous about how communication and project management would work but it turned out I’d been worrying about nothing. Using only Facebook chat* and Dropbox we managed to get from concept to website in less than two days of working time.

Time was of the essence in launching this site. Cyclocross has really taken off in Scotland over the last few years, to the point the season has extended from it’s traditional end in early December right through until the end of February. With new events cropping up regularly we needed to have something online to announce by the end of November.

These time constraints made it the perfect project for agile methodology – providing a basic working site that can be improved and expanded over the coming weeks.

At launch the site really is a minimum viable product. The full WordPress theme weighs in at less thanĀ 30 kilobytes and contains one layout template and enough CSS to cover the current content.

Over the course of the next week I’ll be beefing up the styling to cover the full capability of the WordPress editor and adding new templates for the next round of expansion, which will include results, news and much more.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can come up with as the site (and the series) develops. Jim, Dave, Jon and Chris are an experienced, forward thinking team and all the riders are in for a treat.

*not my recommended project management tools, but they work.