Location, location, location

When I first moved to Glasgow in 2007 I only intended on staying long enough to find a profession after uni and get some work experience behind me. Roll on 2014, when I realised that I needed a change – many of my friends had moved away and were doing new and exciting things. The dream I’d had of living abroad and exploring the world while I worked was starting to flicker at the back of my mind and it was lit into a rather large flame when I met a very special woman.

One year on I’ve taken the plunge and left Scotland behind to join Carola in the city of sails, Auckland. I’ve been in New Zealand for two weeks and feel like I’m settling in quickly.

Downtown Auckland - slightly prettier than the River Clyde

Downtown Auckland – slightly prettier than the River Clyde

Many of my longest serving (and best) clients have elected to stay with me while I’m here and they’re keeping me busy but I’m also now looking for freelance and contract work in Auckland.

If you’re looking for a WordPress developer with many years of experience then you can read about me and what I can offer, check out my CV or get in touch to find out more.