Bringing Albannach to life


There are some projects which you just can’t turn down. When Jim Cameron asked me to help him create a website for his all-things-bike brand Albannach, I thought I’d hit jackpot. I first came across Jim in late 2013 when he started releasing beautifully designed posters for each round of the Scottish Cyclocross Series. I later learned that not only was his club kit custom designed but so was the bike he was riding.


As soon as I said yes it was clear that I’d made the right decision. Jim came to me with a clear vision of what he wanted and a willingness to take advice when it came to the intricacies of website development.

DashboardI built a lightweight, mobile first responsive WordPress theme that would be clean and easy to navigate while offering a platform to showcase Albannach’s lovely designs. The global sidebar shares photography from Flickr and Instagram, with large imagery in the main content column. All open in modal windows to allow visitors to get the visual experience.

There’s also a shop, provided by WooCommerce, so that Albannach can provide direct sales of merchandise and kit to club members and all cyclists with good taste.

Over the first two days I’ve been delighted to see that a mobile first approach was a wise choice. Almost 70% of visits are from mobile devices, with desktop trailing at around 8%.

With the club now affiliated to British Cycling and the race team growing it’s an exciting time to be a part of their online journey. Head over to and let us know what you think!